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4 Common Mistakes When Implementing Laboratory Billing Software

One of the most important systems to develop and set up in your medical laboratory is for billing.

By Jim O'Neill | 07 October 2020

Many organizations determine from the outset that they need to work with a trusted third party to handle billing logistics. 

After all, allowing experts to handle arguably the most important part of the process means you can take advantage of their speed, efficiency, and knowledge to move things through the revenue cycle more quickly, with fewer errors, all of which lead to more money in the door for your laboratory. 

However, before you get started with deploying your laboratory billing software at your organization, there are mistakes that we have seen over and over again. 

As a laboratory billing service provider, we here at ADS have seen these mistakes slow down the payment process, create frustration for all parties, and even worse, cost organizations money it otherwise shouldn’t have. 

Here are four common mistakes we often see among laboratories during laboratory billing implementation.