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The Leading Global Marketplace
for Learning and Development

By connecting laboratory professionals all over the world to the best online
learning lab platform, LabVine is helping lab professionals reach their CPD
goals and develop their career progression.


Learn, Develop, Discover, and Connect


LabVine was established in 2018 with the purpose of establishing a meeting place for laboratory professionals where they can learn, develop and discover by sharing knowledge and building on each other’s experience.


There is great value in the strength and size of our community, and we would value your engagement. We also invite you to share this platform with your colleagues, thereby building a community of like-minded professionals along with us.


Our team of platform developers ensure a continual roll-out of new features and improvements and we invite you to contribute by sending us your content, comments and ideas.


The content we provide is made possible by our sponsors, content partners, affiliates and the hundreds of members signing up to LabVine every month.


Wilhelm Boshoff and the team of learning enthusiasts and experts behind LabVine believe in the possibilities created by today’s laboratory professionals to come up with solutions to the many problems facing our world as we know it. Our aim is to help you move the world forward.

Our Rock Solid Team

Our team of learning enthusiasts and experts behind LabVine believe in the possibilities created by today’s laboratory professionals to come up with solutions to the many problems facing our world as we know it. Our aim is to help you move the world forward.

Wilhelm Boshoff

Founder & Managing Director

“Technology enables or disrupts, people provide leadership. Investment in technology without a commensurate investment in people will render such investment pointless.”
Andre Gouws

Human Capital Advisor

“Your comfort zone is your limiting factor. Disrupt yourself by investing in skills development programs to build new competencies and claim what is meant to be yours.”
Hanrie Cloete

Lead Graphic Designer

“Ask yourself how people will learn, think and interact with your designs. If you design with this in mind, you will attract, motivate and keep people inspired.”

Joy-Mari Buys

Digital Account Manager & Laboratory Professional

“Learning is a privilege that not all people have, embrace it, enjoy it and appreciate it. Let's share our work and experiences to build a better tomorrow.”
Wilmine Aitkenhead


“Excellence is never an accident. It results from intention, effort, direction, and skillful execution. Have the vision to see your obstacles as opportunities and invest in your future.”

Wiktoria Kouri

Digital Marketing Specialist

“Creativity and innovation make the world more fun! Incorporate them into your life and see things from a different perspective. Create a change and be proud of the work you do.”
Liezel Pace

Senior Accountant

“Realize return on investment by investing in the skills of your laboratory.”
Hanine Van Deventer

Chief Executive Officer

“Technological change is affected by needs attended to by those who are inquisitive. Inquisitive minds are fed by observation and the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Invigorate the mind.”

Our Global Reach

LabVine is a leading global marketplace for teaching and learning, connecting professionals everywhere to the world’s best accredited courses anywhere.




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The Team Behind Our Platform

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At Partner we pride ourselves in developing and maintaining our Partner-ships with our clients. As a boutique custom web software packaging manufacturer and solutions company, we use our PopSoftware components to streamline development and create innovative custom software solutions for our clients.

We have enjoyed and continue to aspire to create the best custom learning platform for our client.

For more information about us and what we can do for you - see our website: or contact us via email or telephone +27(0) 21 880 0684.

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A Great Place to Grow

Our culture is diverse, inclusive, and committed to personal and professional development.

“To my knowledge there are no such online management teaching focused on laboratory management in such a short span of time covering all important aspect. Once again thank you for all support and appreciation. It was really a great learning experience ☺”

~ Srija Mohan Kumar - Lab Management Online graduate

I feel like I learned a lot in a short time and the new skill of mapping is not as intimidating as it once was to me. I like the LabVine concept of connecting Labs worldwide and will be telling my customers about it. Thank you!

~ Jane Steger - Power of Process graduate

“Thanks for this course. I really liked it because it covered so many important topics and is helpful in my professional development.”

~ Fernando Girano – Lab Management Online graduate

“Thank you so much for assisting me throughout the completion of the online course. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and think that the content is relevant to what is expected from lab managers. Overall, I think the course is great and it definitely holds the same standard of online leaching as I have experienced with other international universities (UGent, Cornell and Wageningen).”

~ Joy-Mari Buys – Lab Management Online graduate

“Very enjoyable course. Much better than I thought it would be. I would definitely recommend this course.”

~ Alex Warrington – Power of Process graduate

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