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Credible, accredited, certified

Our courses are accredited with some of the most highly recognized international professional organizations to ensure that the LabVine content adheres to and exceeds the required quality standards that demonstrate our ability to offer and deliver high-quality, scientifically sound training, contributing towards continuous professional development.


Being part of a global community of peers gives us access to knowledge and experience that would otherwise not be possible. Our aim is to connect you, via the continuous development of our platform, to other laboratory professionals.


It is time to enhance your skills and update your CV. The greatest benefit our platform offers is the ability for you to learn and develop at your own place, time and pace with the ever-growing list of free and paid for content provided by our content partners. Not sure where to start? Take our free skills assessment to identify your development goals and receive a personalised report along with suggested development opportunities and helpful resources. When you consider the many benefits of e-learning over conventional classroom training, it is probably the most powerful reason why e-learning might become the new normal.


Learning is just the first step in our continuous professional development. To transform we need to gain experience and for this reason some of the courses offer coaching sessions to help us gain experience. Case studies are regularly updated to ensure that the latest real-world experiences are shared amongst our members. LabVine also provides the opportunity to develop your team. Setup your own teams to Take our free skills assessment and receive comprehensive reports on a team and individual level to help identify specific development needs in your lab, along with potential solutions and helpful resources.


The role of laboratories and therefore the role of the laboratory professionals are forever evolving with increased demand, new technologies and resource constraints. Discover the latest industry trends and news through VineNews , where we keep you informed about the latest in laboratory news. Through our newsletters , blogs and vlogs, thought leadership, discussion forums and streaming of events, we help you to navigate the uncertainty. There is a great future for laboratories to add value and build a vision for the future.

Performance improvement

Our platform was developed by laboratory experts specifically for laboratory professionals. Our aim to is to equip you with the skills and tools necessary that will allow you to stand up, stand out and stand for something in order to provide you with the confidence to lead performance improvement initiatives that deliver a measurable return on investment.

Partnering opportunities


LabVine™ offers you a zero-risk opportunity to earn additional revenue

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Content Partners

Host your content on our state-of-the-art learning platform without the capital and operational cost associated with other providers.

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It’s about demonstrating shared values and connecting with a like-minded community.

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  • Create positive brand experiences
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TheConflab empowers the in-house laboratory team by connecting them with vetted experts with the ultimate solution. Find your expert.

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  • Affordable prices

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