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A learning experience you want to be part of

LabVine is an interactive online learning platform powered by LTS Health Learning. It provides global access to internationally accredited laboratory specific courses that are developed by laboratory specialists for the diagnostics industry.

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Designed to increase performance


- Measure learner engagement.

- Get valuable insight into user behaviour and learning patterns.

- Compliment succession planning.

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- Apply what you learn with activities and on-the-job practical training.

- Study at your own pace and play functionality that includes guided narration.

- An immediate sense of accomplishment after completing assessments.

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LabVine Features

Access courses quickly

Ability to pause and play

Guided narration

Progress reports

Mobile friendly and compatible with leading devices

Pick up where you left off

Managed assessments

Learn at your own pace


We have various accreditations which are dependent on the selected course.