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Process Improvements to the Problem Solving bench in the Histology Lab.

Power of Process delivered a lab-focused skills development program to the largest, most established health solutions companies with a history of more than 50 years and includes histopathology testing. Reducing TAT for these orders by 12 hours and eliminating the need to complete one problem log.

By Power of Process | Case Study | 10 November 2022


Laboratory leaders are under constant pressure to do more with less and be more effective and efficient. Achieving and maintaining a high-quality, cost-effective service that delivers quality outputs supporting the best patient experience and care; requires decisive and confident management structures, supporting a sustainable, empowered workforce that delivers results in a fast-changing environment.

Power of Process delivered a lab-focussed skills development program at .............. Medical Laboratories that enhances patient care by empowering laboratory leaders to unlock operational excellence and accelerate process improvement with immediate value. The program develops a common process and problem-solving language from the bench to the management level. The program rewires employee thinking to enable a culture of collaboration, resilience, engagement, improvement, and change.

The program builds muscle memory by implementing a laboratory performance improvement project of choice at the end of the academic component, and delegates are required to document the steps and outcome.