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14 August 2020

How to Align and Scale the Capacity of Labs to Handle Fluctuations in Demand Whilst Achieving Key Performance Targets

Laboratories are challenged to maintain testing quality and efficiency...

by Christoff Coetzee | 8 min read

23 June 2020

Managing Quality in a Laboratory Within a Changing Macro Environment

Formato Clinico explains how quality management systems enhance organizations' capacity to adapt to fast-changing macro environments....

by Ana Paula Rangel, Carolina Prieto & Maria Luisa Landman | 10 min read

21 May 2020

Objectively Building People Capacity to Enable and Sustain the Laboratory of the Future

We need to shift our minds in preparing for new possibilities....

by Sandra Schlebusch | 8 min read

11 May 2020

Proactive Laboratory Inventory Management During COVID-19

Reinhard Hiller, the Managing Director of Artisan Biomed, shares his insights on proactively managing lab inventories during pandemics like COVID-19....

by Reinhard Hiller | 5 min read

24 April 2020

How COVID-19 Affects Value-based Healthcare

Khosrow R. Shotorbani, president and executor director of Project Santa Fe Foundation (Clinical Lab 2.0 initiative) and founder and CEO of Lab 2.0 Strategic Services provides some insight to the affects of the pandemic on value-based healthcare and the escalated demand in labs....

by Khosrow R. Shotorbani | 10 min read

14 April 2020

The Role of Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) Laboratories during COVID-19

Menno Schagen, CEO of LTS Health Europe and Middle East & Lab Design Director, shared his expertise in the role BSL-3 labs play during pandemic outbreaks, such as COVID-19....

by Menno Schagen | 5 min read

19 November 2019

Managing Change - It’s all in the Value Add

5 succinct take-aways as to what the most successful interventions had in common....

by Wilhelm Boshoff | 3 min read