LabVine Learning Courses - A Business Model Framework for the Clinical Lab Industry

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A Business Model Framework for the Clinical Lab Industry

The Doorway to Clinical Lab Transformation (Model-to-Model)

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About A Business Model Framework for the Clinical Lab Industry

By combining our comprehension and power behind a synergistic way of collaborating and creating value, we can elevate the impact and relevance of the Clinical Lab. The course covers ten articles exploring why the Clinical Lab Model must change to be the focus, the construct that could be leveraged, and a stepwise approach to creating value through synergy.

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90 minutes
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  • What is a Business Model
  • Why we need a new Business Model
  • Incremental Value
  • Why is an Adaptive Platform Necessary
  • The challenge for healthcare is “Transformation,” not “Change”
  • Value Creating Innovation
  • Absorptive Capacity
  • Ecosystem of Collaborators
  • The Business Process
  • Merging Models
  • Taking the first steps



Jeremy Schubert

An accomplished and versatile Global Business Leader with a 28-year track record of innovation and performance excellence maximizing enterprise sales and profits. Known as a Business Builder with a proven ability to motivate and develop people to achieve ‘wild success’ while effectively establishing business processes to enable success across the enterprise. A master of Health Economic and Public Health Strategy with a unique ability to craft and communicate aspirational Vision while simultaneously outlining a clear, innovative road map for internal and external execution … inclusive of building the appropriate healthy high-performance culture to support the Vision. Broad Business Experience in Marketing, Sales, Finance, Business Development, Operations, and R&D. Consistent Achievement through entire career of exceeding expectations and historical benchmarks, outperforming peers and competitors, while optimizing the P&L for maximum short and long-term return.

Chapter 1: Model-to-Model

Article 1: Introduction

6 minutes

The Pathway to Clinical Lab Transformation. Transformation is changing our "state of being."

Article 2: What is a Business Model

9 minutes

Business Models outline how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value.

Article 3: Why do we need a Business Model

15 minutes

The biggest challenge for business model innovation is recognizing that a new model is needed - that transformation, not iteration, is required.

Article 4: The Formula

6 minutes

In order to create value, we need a bespoke strategy.

Article 5: Incremental Value

6 minutes

The first step to re-thinking the business model is to target the incremental value we will create, specifically or generally.

Article 6: Adaptive Platform

9 minutes

A modern business model insight is to view, build, and lead your business (Clinical Lab or Supplier) as if it were a platform … more specifically an Adaptive Platform.

Article 7: The Ecosystem

9 minutes

Businesses that operate within an ecosystem framework are more flexible, agile, and cost-efficient than those that do not.

Article 8: Business Process

9 minutes

We need a defined process for managing the model, orchestrating the actors, and ensuring incremental value is created.

Article 9: Merging Models

6 minutes

Clinical Labs cannot augment or optimize their model if manufactures don’t augment theirs and vice-versa. Currently there is a meaningful gap or misalignment between the respective business models.

Article 10: Taking the first steps

18 minutes

This article provides three actions Clinical Labs and Suppliers can take to ensure making progress towards the four principles of the Model-to-Model relationship.