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Just Three Daily Things

This course will inspire and energize you to live your best life now and unlock the best of who you are.


About Just Three Daily Things

Wouldn’t it be great to be living in a pandemic of kindness … or, better yet, a pandemic of happiness … right now? This course is for anyone seeking to improve their quality of life or looking for a little inspiration and positive energy during difficult times.

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57 minutes
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  • Enhance your personal control to improve your happiness and overall well-being.
  • Deep, entertaining, and insightful perspective as to "why" we feel and act the way we do.
  • Easy to "live" outline that anyone can follow to begin the journey to a better life.



Jeremy Schubert

An accomplished and versatile Global Business Leader with a 28-year track record of innovation and performance excellence maximizing enterprise sales and profits. Known as a Business Builder with a proven ability to motivate and develop people to achieve ‘wild success’ while effectively establishing business processes to enable success across the enterprise. A master of Health Economic and Public Health Strategy with a unique ability to craft and communicate aspirational Vision while simultaneously outlining a clear, innovative road map for internal and external execution … inclusive of building the appropriate healthy high-performance culture to support the Vision. Broad Business Experience in Marketing, Sales, Finance, Business Development, Operations, and R&D. Consistent Achievement through entire career of exceeding expectations and historical benchmarks, outperforming peers and competitors, while optimizing the P&L for maximum short and long-term return.

Chapter 1: Creating a Pandemic of Happiness


4 minutes

I’m sure we’d all prefer a pandemic of kindness instead of COVID. Instead of living in an environment where we are in control of our well-being … where our feet are firmly on the ground … we are all currently trying to navigate some pretty difficult and turbulent waters in an effort to regain footing …

The Goal ... A better and happier life

6 minutes

So, what are we aiming to achieve? Let me answer the question with a question … how would you describe the ideal state of being in your life? As humans we experience the world in many ways … physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually … so how would you define the ideal state for yourself?

Spiritual and Scientific ... checking both boxes

2 minutes

I want to begin our journey by outlining two specific domains of thought about humanity and happiness … that is Spiritual and Scientific. For some, one of these is more important than the other.

Using each day

5 minutes

If you’ve read any self-development book or attended any training … more than likely your knee jerk assumption for doing things daily is that a “daily practice” is what creates habit and consistency. That’s true and necessary, but it’s not the reason “daily” is so important.

What do you mean by “I’m in control”?

8 minutes

Something that we all have RIGHT now … that if we can learn to click together, will enable us to move happiness right now … or anytime … anyplace. It’s based on a principle called The Cognitive Triangle.

The Process

3 minutes

Given this cognitive triangle … the answer for controlling the path to happiness seems to be simple … manage feelings, thoughts, and actions.

Why does this system work better than others?

1 minute

So, our back drop is to focus on the day and act in such a way that we create and fuel a positive cycle by deliberately choosing positive thoughts and actions. Simple yet many people take issue with this.


12 minutes

Gratitude helps us stoke positive momentum for the day … it helps us tap into the sources of JOY in our lives … however small or insignificant those sources may seem.

“Make” it a great day

7 minutes

Contrary to popular belief, “Good Days” are not “had”, they are MADE. They are not made necessarily by the activities of day or what happens to us, but more so by how we THINK about the events of the day … going back to the cognitive triangle.

Learn and Grow

7 minutes

So, we are going to be active in being thankful each day and doing something for others. Learning and growing for each of us is almost infinite.

Summary … Get your happiness on!

2 minutes

That’s pretty much it my friends … just intentionally check the boxes of each of the three swim lanes as often as you can throughout the day. If you think and act each day in the swim lanes of gratitude, making it a good day, and learning and growing you will live a pretty outstanding life.