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Power of Process Champion - Blended

Learn how to collect laboratory performance data, identify performance problems and propose improvement solutions.

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About Power of Process Champion - Blended

An online learning program that consists of 25 hours of e-learning and 5 hours facilitated learning, delivered over five weeks. The purpose of the course is to equip the learner with an in-depth understanding of laboratory processes, how it relates to laboratory performance, identify performance problems and propose corrective actions.

Developed by:
Power of Process
5 weeks
Learning Mode:
Certificate of Competence


  • The 8 Principles of Laboratory Performance
  • Laboratory process mapping
  • Introduction to modeling and simulation


24 CEU
24 Contact Hours
24 CPD



Andre Gouws

Andre is a seasoned skills development professional with over 27 years of experience in the learning and development sphere. He holds a degree in electrical engineering with an international diploma in teaching and training. He has completed the Management Advanced Program through Wits Business School and is a certified NQF assessor, moderator, and workplace coach. André's passion for helping people reach their potential is evident through his hands-on teaching methods. He is known to inspire, motivate, and develop people to help them achieve their business objectives and career aspirations. His engineering background, combined with human resources experience and business management acumen, provides him with a unique skill set to research, develop, and deliver skills development programs that truly impact the bottom line. He is passionate about laboratories and their role in the quality of life and making us live longer, healthier and stronger. With this in mind, he has developed the Power of Process skills development programs that help laboratories enhance patient care through business management and laboratory performance improvement in a rapidly changing environment. He has also authored a textbook called "The Guide to Management for Laboratory Leaders" that is available at

Hanine Van Deventer

Hanine is a professional engineer with 16 years of experience managing numerous multidisciplinary projects. She has a keen focus on systems and procedures and manages projects driven by performance. She embraces change as an opportunity to succeed. With that mentality, she has often been put in the role of superuser or trainer for the implementation of new or improved systems.

Chapter 1: Linking strategic objectives with laboratory performance

The impact of the macro environment on the lab

50 minutes

We discuss the various factors of the macro environment that could negatively impact the laboratory business and how to align our operations to ensure survival.

The importance of diagnostics in healthcare​

5 minutes

The laboratory is the heart of healthcare. We discuss the importance of diagnostics in the healthcare industry.

Innovation with certainty

20 minutes

To be innovative, labs need certainty. We discuss the importance of certainty and understanding your true potential.

The 8 Principles of Laboratory Performance

40 minutes

An introduction to the 8 Principles of Laboratory Performance, developed to minimise risk, maximise impact and drive performance in the laboratory.

Chapter 2: Analysis of laboratory performance

The laboratory value chain

40 minutes

We look at the full value chain of the laboratory and how specific variables could impact performance.

The laboratory as a process​

25 minutes

To improve the performance of the laboratory, we must first understand what a process is. We look at the definition of a process and how this relates to a laboratory.

Boost the bottom line or bust​

40 minutes

We remain relevant only if we strive for a tangible bottom line impact. We look at Principle 1: Boost the bottom line or bust.

Chapter 3: Gathering performance data

Lead with a common language ​

25 minutes

We are more efficient when we understand our business and share ownership of what we are trying to achieve. We look at Principle 2: Lead with a common language.

Data, data sources and data gathering​

40 minutes

The laboratory generates immense amounts of data daily. We look at the main data sources in a laboratory, the data types and how to collect data that can be used to inform performance improvement.

Chapter 4: Translate the laboratory operation into a process map​

Trust the transparency

30 minutes

We are more effective when we commit to sharing information across boundaries within our organisation. We look at Principle 3: Trust the transparency. We consider the different levels of process mapping and how to create a level 1 map.

Translating processes into process maps​

200 minutes

We look at how to translate your processes into a process map to understand your processes and enable the identification of improvement opportunities. We discuss an international industry standard in process mapping and simulation called Business Process Modelling and Notation (BPMN).

Similis as a process mapping application

240 minutes

An introduction to Similis, a cloud-based process mapping and simulation tool, which will assist you to map and document your processes.

Introduction to simulation

20 minutes

An introduction to simulation, the various types, and its potential in performance improvement in the laboratory.

Chapter 5: Identify performance improvement opportunities​

Facts or figures, ​ no fluff

150 minutes

We make smart decisions when we present the business case openly and honestly. We look at Principle 4: Facts or figures, no fluff. We also look at key performance areas, key performance indicators and benchmarking.

Driven by decisiveness

200 minutes

We move faster when we have the power to act with certainty — and without hesitation. We look at Principle 5: Driven by decisiveness. We look at tools that will assist you to analyse identified problems on a high level and how to create scenarios to improve performance.

Accuracy is paramount

15 minutes

We get things done accurately when we set our expectations and measure our results. We look at Principle 6: Accuracy is paramount. We discuss how to build your business case and implement your performance improvement project with confidence.

Sustain Innovation

20 minutes

We look at the 7th and 8th Principle of Laboratory Performance which will explain how to sustain innovation. We discuss the importance of empowering each other.

Chapter 6: Assessment

Knowledge assessment

8 hours

This sections involves an assignment to assess the application of knowledge gained throughout the Power of Process Champion Blended course.