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Power of Process Pioneer

Pioneer new perspectives on lab performance and make a strong contribution to performance improvement.

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About Power of Process Pioneer

Gain a high-level understanding of the lab Eco-system and make a strong contribution to the performance improvement of the lab, giving you the foundation for performance excellence; starting with process as a tool.

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Power of Process
4 hours
Learning Mode:
Certificate of completion


  • The importance of the lab in healthcare
  • The lab as a process
  • The 8 Principles of Laboratory Performance
  • Structuring the lab for certainty
  • Certainty in practice
  • Sustaining innovation


4 Contact Hours


Chapter 1: Power of Process Pioneer


2 minutes

The introduction will provide you with an executive summary of the Power of Process Pioneer course and explain how to successfully complete the program.

The importance of healthcare

10 minutes

This module discusses the importance of diagnostics in healthcare and how the external environment impacts the way we do business in the lab.

The lab as a process

15 minutes

This module looks at the lab as a process inside the value chain and how it balances its services to provide quality outcomes at the top while achieving financial sustainability at the bottom.

The 8 Principles

10 minutes

This module will provide an executive summary of the 8 Principles of Laboratory Performance which will be used to: Structure the lab for certainty; Empower staff to apply certainty in practice and to Sustain innovation.

Boost the bottom line or bust

20 minutes

This module explains how you will use key performance areas and indicators to determine where you are in terms of current lab performance and how you can use benchmarks to determine where you want to be regarding future lab performance.

Lead with a common language

20 minutes

This module will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the lab process and how resources must be configured to handle the demand. It will explain all the definitions required for process mapping.

Trust the transparency

20 minutes

This module will discuss Business Process Modelling and Notation (BPMN) and how it is used to map the laboratory process within a defined structure of swimlanes and phases.

Facts or figures, no fluff

25 minutes

This module will explain different tools and methodologies that can be used to analyze your lab process and to clearly identify problem areas such as bottlenecks, capacity issues, delays or waste.

Driven by Decisiveness

20 minutes

This module will explain how to critically examine the information obtained from the previous steps and develop improvement scenarios which will address issues and problems that have been identified.

Accuracy is paramount

20 minutes

This module covers how to build and present your business case after considering the impact of change and risk of the selected scenario.

Big impact beats small

20 minutes

This module will explain how to plan and execute an improvement project; how to plan for change and how to measure success after implementation.

Knowledge knows no bounds

10 minutes

This module explains the importance of sharing information about success across boundaries.


60 minutes

Earn your certificate through successful completion of the assessment.