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The Remodel

A program for Diagnostic Sales reps keeping them informed and relevant in their industry.


About The Remodel

A program Diagnostic Sales Individuals and Teams can implement into their Strategy by using tools and knowledge gained from learning about the new trends in health and the future of healthcare. It will teach you how to create new value for your customers in the industry, by identifying how to effectively implement new actions to remain relevant

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3 hours
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  • Healthcare
  • Technical
  • Sales Excellence



Jeremy Schubert

An accomplished and versatile Global Business Leader with a 28-year track record of innovation and performance excellence maximizing enterprise sales and profits. Known as a Business Builder with a proven ability to motivate and develop people to achieve ‘wild success’ while effectively establishing business processes to enable success across the enterprise. A master of Health Economic and Public Health Strategy with a unique ability to craft and communicate aspirational Vision while simultaneously outlining a clear, innovative road map for internal and external execution … inclusive of building the appropriate healthy high-performance culture to support the Vision. Broad Business Experience in Marketing, Sales, Finance, Business Development, Operations, and R&D. Consistent Achievement through entire career of exceeding expectations and historical benchmarks, outperforming peers and competitors, while optimizing the P&L for maximum short and long-term return.

Chapter 1: The Remodel

Week 1

31 minutes

Sales Learning 1: The Sales topic covered under this module is "Know Your Personal Why." Market Learning 1: Jeremy gives the definitive definition for Health and Healthcare using historical context and looking at future requirements.

Week 2

25 minutes

Sales Learning 2: Learn to better utilize the brain's process to communicate and create change for your customers. Market Learning 2: Outlines some of the variables at play before you focus on building and improving the population health equation.

Week 3

32 minutes

Sales Learning 3: What is value and how can we improve our ability to identify, communicate and action to create new value. Market Learning 3: Healthcare is complex, broad and ever-changing. It forces many stakeholders to operate in silos. Jeremy shares the one theory that brings all of healthcare together.

Week 4

32 minutes

Sales Learning 4: Doing an awesome job of presenting your product and dialogging with your customer, but it seems forever to get a sale? Benefit from this coaching session. Market Learning 4: How can we understand value better, and as sales reps participate and create more value for our customers.

Week 5

28 minutes

Sales Learning 5: Limiting beliefs is a challenge from a sales perspective and can be detrimental to careers and impact performance. This session covers how to break down our limiting beliefs that we do not know we actually have. Market Learning 5: What if we as a lab could actually be more valuable.