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Volumetric Glassware: Care and Use

The care and correct use of volumetric glassware is taught. Misuse can result in incorrect analytical data.


About Volumetric Glassware: Care and Use

The use and care of volumetric glassware is applicable to almost all chemical analysis for preparing solutions, withdrawing sample portions, making dilutions and adding reagents with precision. Its correct application is essential to good laboratory practice and reliable, accurate analytical data. Micropipettes, dispensers and other devices are included.

Developed by:
Osborne Analytical
3 hours
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  • Introduction and Applications
  • Introduction and applications
  • Purpose and Importance
  • Description of items.Conditions of accuracy
  • Correct use and safety
  • Maintenance (care and cleaning)
  • Calibration and Verification
  • Dilutions and Calculations
  • Tolerance and Uncertainty



John Osborne

John has worked in the field of analytical chemistry for over 45 years and has gained experience in a wide variety of analytical techniques and instrumentation in several industries and applications. He has always been interested in understanding the technology well and utilizing it at its optimum in order to produce reliable and accurate chemical data. To this end he is committed to enable others to not only use the technology correctly but also understand what it does, how it works and how to maintain it.

Chapter 1: Volumetric Glassware

Part 1

40 minutes

The viewer is introduced to each type of volumetric glassware and plasticware as well as micropipettes. The purpose of each is discussed, and the circumstances under which they are most accurate.

Part 2

40 minutes

In this section the correct use is described and demonstrated. The safety equipment (e.g. pipette fillers, etc) is described, and correct techniques to accurately fill and dispense explained.

Part 3

1 hour

Glassware must be cleaned, maintained, and inspected regularly. Damaged glassware should be discarded. Glassware should be verified/calibrated before being put into service and verified again to prove integrity. We describe dilution calculations, how to select correct items and calculate uncertainty.