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Creative Design Assistance


DAILY RATE $210.00 | HOURLY RATE $20.00

Receive expert graphic design assistance to elevate the presentation of your content or service, ensuring a professional and polished appearance that accurately reflects its intended purpose.

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  • Afrikaans
  • English

Hanrie Cloete

Lead Graphic Designer

3 Reviews | Engagements 42


“I have been working with creative consultants for over 27 years. Hanrie is in a class by herself. She is unique because her skill set is much more than simple creativity ... more than visualization. For sure, she delivers stunning, effective, and creative output EVERY time. However, she has an amazing ability to comprehend very complex ideas and messages and fluidly convert these into easy-to-understand simple communications that not only effectively deliver the message but add extreme clarity and energy to the message.”

- Jeremy Schubert, MBA, MPH
Health Care Strategist and Business Builder

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