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Organizational Culture

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Our Culture Capability Assessment(TM) survey measures ten essential dimensions of healthy cultures at the Leader, Team, and Organization levels. Our dashboards allow you to quickly identify cultural strengths and gaps throughout your organization. Leveraging our proprietary Culture Capability Assessment(TM), we provide reporting capabilities that will allow you to see your culture in action. Quickly filter by levels, Race or Ethnicity, Gender, or other demographics. You will immediately see how different subsets of the organization experience the culture.

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Chad Carr

Culture Diagnostic

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“Whatever the problem or opportunity, culture is ALWAYS part of the answer. Culture is the invisible hand that enables an organization to perform … culture is the whispering voice that inspires people to be their best and live their best lives at work and beyond. In short, culture is the secret sauce … and there is no better sauce maker than Chad Carr. Chad is a PROVEN culture specialist! Not only does he bring to the table mastery of and the ability to deploy a time-tested effective culture-shaping model, he also adds direct experience from his leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies. His process aligns teams, breaks down barriers, and creates vision and momentum to a better future. Chad effectively underpins this process with his unique ability to empathize with, understand, and connect with diverse teams. He builds trust … and unlocks the power of individuals. If you desire to create an environment where problems are resolved, opportunities are seized, people grow, and the business thrives … Chad’s the right collaborator for you.”

- Jeremy Schubert, MBA, MPH
Senior Business Executive

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