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Lab 2.0 Strategic Services

BASE RATE $500.00

As we transition from volume to value the strategic plan of the organization needs to align itself quantitatively. / Lab MBA 101 / What is our business? / What should be our business? / Who’s our customer? / Who should be our customer? / What is our quantitative relevance?

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Khosrow Shotorbani

President, Exec. Director, Project Santa Fe Foundation/ Founder,CEO Lab 2.0 Strategic Services. LLC.

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“Healthcare is changing at an accelerated rate creating both challenges and opportunities for the Clinical Lab. Operating as a production facility is no longer a viable strategy. Clinical Labs must identify and aggressively walk a transformative path to becoming a decision engine. This is where the magic of Lab 2.0 comes in. It offers a clear framework for this transformation and provides principles, processes, and people support for the modern age of health care. Khosrow is one of the founding members of the Lab 2.0 Movement and operates with an unparalleled passion for not only enhancing the image of Clinical Labs, but strategically magnifying their impact on patients, clinicians, and the communities they serve. Khosrow's deep and broad lab experience, coupled with his business acumen and global view enables him to uniquely derive insights and craft foresights (the foundation of effective strategy) for labs of all sizes and ilks. Khosrow's experiences empower him to be a true coach and mentor to labs and lab leaders seeking to create sustainability, improve outcomes, and enhance the work environment for their staff. In the world of the Clinical Lab, Khosrow is one of those rare leaders who can and will help any lab or lab professional make a better path.”

- Jeremy Schubert, MBA, MPH
Med Tech Executive

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