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Transformational Servant LEADERSHIP

BASE RATE $200.00

INSPIRED, energized, and focused teams and individuals that can communicate, collaborate, and execute with higher energy and a deeper sense of purpose.

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Larry Hernandez

Founder & Visionary

2 Reviews | Engagements 32


“Larry is a quintessential renaissance leader of high achievement teams. Larry leads the people first and inspires them in a way to always exceed company objectives, He has a strong believe in having his team members understand what their success means to the firm, to leadership but most importantly to the team member and family. People work hard for Larry and do well because they care about their leader. they know without a doubt, Larry cares about them. Larry always beats the company expectation and he prepares his team to grow and be able to accept more responsibilities. ”

- James D Walton
CEO & Executive Recruiter, Delivering Greatness One Executive at a Time

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