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Lab Management in Practice

Obtain fundamental knowledge and understanding of laboratory management and leadership towards achieving goals.

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About Lab Management in Practice

The program's purpose is to provide the learner with knowledge and understanding of the fundamental management skills, behavior, and attitudes required to manage and lead laboratory teams towards achieving goals.

Developed by:
Power of Process
5 days
Learning Mode:
Certificate of Competence


  • Manage operations and processes.
  • Manage teams in the laboratory.
  • Leadership and change management.
  • Manage laboratory finance.
  • Quality management in the laboratory.


30 CEU
30 Contact Hours
30 CPD
30 CEU



Hanine van Deventer

Hanine is a professional engineer with 16 years of experience managing numerous multidisciplinary projects. She has a keen focus on systems and procedures and manages projects driven by performance. She embraces change as an opportunity to succeed. With that mentality, she has often been put in the role of superuser or trainer for the implementation of new or improved systems.

Chapter 1: The Aspiring Lab Manager

Managing the Fast-Paced Laboratory

10 minutes

This module introduces the changing laboratory environment, and presents the application of different management approaches in two laboratory scenarios.

Basic Management Functions

10 minutes

This module provides a comprehensive understanding of the 6 basic management functions and its application in the laboratory environment.

Characteristics of Effective Managers

10 minutes

This module will uncover key characteristics that will equip managers to handle situations and lead teams effectively.

Good Management Fundamentals

10 minutes

This module summarizes the management fundamentals and key characteristics required to manage confidently and competently.