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LabLogic Innovators

Define acceptable risk levels for current risk and verify understanding of key best practice elements.

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About LabLogic Innovators

Exclusive group sessions to advance laboratory quality and risk management through critical analysis of QC and risk management practices. These sessions aim to establish improved policies and ensure quality results that reduce patient risk and errors.

Developed by:
Zoe Brooks
1 hour
Learning Mode:


  • Real and Sample Case Studies
  • Link software results to best practices from 15189-2022 and CLSI EP23A
  • Finding the required data to enter into the Risk Driver Spreadsheet
  • Resources
  • Future priorities



Zoe Brooks

Zoe Brooks is an expert in Medical Laboratory Risk Management who served on the committee to create CLSI EP 23A, “Laboratory Quality Control based on Risk Management. A recipient of the AACC Outstanding Speaker Award, she delights in involving the audience in presentations and ‘seeing the lights go on.’ Zoe has dedicated her career to making a difference in the world with a NEW risk management process and software program that improves patient care and reduces healthcare costs by reducing laboratory errors.​