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Managing Teams - Leadership and Change management in a Laboratory Online

Gain an understanding of how to effectively manage your team, and lead and implement change in the laboratory.

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About Managing Teams - Leadership and Change management in a Laboratory Online

This course will assist you in building and managing an effective team, as well as develop the strategic skills and competencies required to lead and implement change in your laboratory. [Included in the Lab Management Online course]

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Power of Process
2 weeks
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  • Performance Management
  • Effective Teams
  • Leadership
  • Change Management


4 Contact Hours


Chapter 1: Managing Teams in the Laboratory

Performance Management

30 minutes

This module focuses on the aspects of performance planning and goal setting, continuous feedback and coaching as well as regular reviews as part of the performance management process.

Getting your Team Together

30 minutes

Effective teams generate synergy through a coordinated effort. This synergy may not always be present at the time that the team is formed. The team evolves through different stages before this synergy is. This module focuses on the stages of team development and the different types of teams that can exist.

Building an Effective Team

30 minutes

Good teams don’t just happen by accident. Therefore, it is important for the lab manager to understand the key elements of how to build an effective team. This module unpacks the components of a team charter and the training needs analysis process for building an effective team.

Maintaining an Effective Team

30 minutes

The key to maintaining an effective team lies in the ability of the laboratory manager to motivate team members and manage diversity and any conflict that may arise. This module focuses on these aspects of maintaining an effective team.

Group Dynamics

30 minutes

There are various factors that impact the dynamic of a team. Factors such as member roles, team size, and individual behaviours can all affect the dynamic of a team or group. These factors will be unpacked in this module.

Chapter 2: Leadership and Change Management in the Laboratory

Leadership Characteristics

30 minutes

This module describes the characteristics required for effective leadership, i.e. to lead a group of people towards a common goal.

Toxic Leadership

30 minutes

This module unpacks the factors contributing to toxic leadership and the impact thereof on employee performance and business productivity.

Key Concepts and Types of Change

30 minutes

Change is inevitable in the laboratory landscape. This module looks at different types of change and how change affects the laboratory.